Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Klezmer…A Reflection and Mirror of the Soul of Jewish Tradition!

The traditional music of the Jewish people (Ashkenazi) in Eastern Europe is Klezmer. It is deeply connected to the Yiddish tradition and art. 

Over the centuries and from the time of demolition in Jerusalem of the second temple, instrumental music has grown as the Jewish soul’s vessel and a cure against danger.

After the inquiry and sentencing the Jewish life moved east and hence the music was facilitated by local cultures.

Inception of Klezmer Music

Klezmer is a term which is a contraction of two words from Hebrew. Kli means instrument or vessel and Zemer signifies song or melody. The Klezmer is therefore the melody’s instrument, the song’s vessel and the soul’s vessel.

There some puzzlement about the term Klezmer. Initially it created the musical instrument and afterwards the musician or player. And lastly, after the Klezmer was revived, it signifies the genre of music.